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Full-stack developers have been in demand, increasing way more so over the last decade. In simple terms, a Full-stack developer can write both client and server-side codes.

Full-stack developers have been in demand, increasing way more so over the last decade. In simple terms, a Full-stack developer can write both client and server-side codes. A MERN stack developer is simply put, a subset of full-stack developers. It uses a specific stack of technologies.

Many companies like Gaper, are now helping businesses augment their development teams. They are providing resources and training in Full-Stack development particularly the MERN stack.

The reason why a MERN-stack developer is a highly sought-after resource. It is because they have expertise in both the frontend and backend. Also, they are good at databases and any other relevant tools. The front-end caters to usability including user interface design. Yet, the back-end is more focused on speed, efficiency, and the overall optimization of code.

There are many subsets of the JavaScript full-stack. 4 most popular JavaScript solution stacks have emerged in the past years:

  • MEAN Stack
  • MERN Stack
  • MEVN Stack
  • MEEN Stack

The main difference amongst them all lies in the library that each utilizes. MERN uses React; the JavaScript library maintained by Facebook.


MERN Stack is a blend of technologies. It is now used to build premium web applications. Which include systems, libraries, databases, and more. The MERN stack is a JavaScript stack, used for the smooth flow of the process of creation.

MERN consists of components that are open source: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. There are several benefits as to why MERN is a good choice:

MERN stack developers cover the entire web development cycle. It is using JavaScript from front-end development to back-end development. Simply means client-side to server-side This makes the development phase flow smoothly. Additionally, it also supports the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

MERN stack is also accompanied by a pre-built suite of testing tools. Developers need only be proficient in JSON and JavaScript. Also, there is a huge community that they can always fall back on. If need be, in addition to its open-source frameworks.

Is MERN a Solid Stack to Go With?

MERN makes it easier for users to engage. MERN is the best stack for CRUD (create, read, update, and delete). React JS is a fast-changing data framework with a pleasant user experience. MEAN’s Angular JS enables HTTP calls and brings the back-end together.

MERN Stack is made up of four different technologies. All these applications are based on JavaScript and Js. It’s incredibly light and simple to learn.

MERN Stack’s blend of technologies makes it perfect for creating a wide range of apps. It allows for quick and simple app deployment. As the developers who work on the MERN Stack are familiar with all four components. It is also a cost-effective development process.

How Is Gaper Shaping the MERN Stack Ecosystem?

Gaper has been working with software developers across 20 countries. There is an increasing demand for Full-Stack developers all around the world.

The US alone stands at a shortage of more than 1.2M software engineers by 2026. It is the report according to the bureau of labor statistics. An estimated 545k current developers will have left the market by that time (source: pulse)

More and more companies are moving towards hiring full-stack developers. So, about to reduce development costs and improve performance. Most IT companies, startups, face the biggest challenge at the hands of delivery. Their development speed is also low. MERN stack allows for web development to be done rather quickly.

Another main advantage of using MERN is the use of React. The beauty of React lies in the fact that it’s not a framework but a library. With a library, an accomplished architect can design his or her application with full freedom.

They have the freedom to choose from the functions of the library. So, they create their structure. As it suits the specific needs and vagaries of the application.

So, a library is best for an accomplished architect. Even for projects with very specific application requirements. Although, a framework will get you started quickly but has a very fixed way of doing things.

So, in other words, Gaper is creating an ecosystem. It will allow development teams to improve their performance. Also, it increases the speed of development in turn improving efficiency. Ultimately reducing development costs.

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